14th May // Innenstadt // Winter jackets in spring and a lack of inspiration…

I had to go into the city for a bit of shopping so thought I’d take the Ricoh along for the ride. I’m trying to get into the habit of taking my camera everywhere with me because since I started taking more photos the last few months I can never seem to turn my eyes off. I’m seeing things that I really wish I could photograph on a daily basis and one of the advantages of having a camera like the GR is that it can always be there.


The ’22’ really jumped out to me on the front of this building, both because of its colour and the typeface. I like the next shot because for me it sums up the atmosphere in the city right now. Four seasons in a day and no one knows how to dress.


I headed over to Domplatte because there’s always stuff going on there and I wanted to check out the old analog cameras at Lambertin.

R0011075_post R0011079_post

Its hard to get inspired sometimes when you walk the same streets all the time and its not always practical to go somewhere new every week. I’m counting down the days to Sri Lanka…..

R0011089_post R0011094_post R0011109_post R0011113_post



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