Rhein Park // Seilbahn

The restaurant where I work is shut for refurbishment giving me a precious few free days to get out and take some photos. Today the sun was shining and the clouds were doing some crazy dances so I thought I’d head down  and take the cable car across to Rhein Park. I’d heard its a great place buzzing with people when the weather is good. After standing in line for the cable car, surrounded by families, couples and ice creams for all of two minutes I decided to ditch the motorised method and take the footpath over the bridge. I pictured the staff asking each person in line how many people were in their group and suddenly didn’t like the idea of saying ‘one’ and climbing into a tin can alone. It turned out to be a good decision. Instead of getting to see the Cologne skyline from yet another perspective I was able to get a few other interesting shots.

R0010952_post R0010962_post R0010953_post R0010966_post

I climbed the spiral staircase up to the bridge, waved at a few people in passing cable cars and looked down on a few people on the beach below.

R0010971_post R0010974_post R0010975_post

The other side of the river is very cool. A nice beach and a huge park with lots going on. I walked all the way along the river heading back towards the bridge with all the love locks.

R0010981_post R0010988_post R0010996_post

There was a really good atmosphere and everyone was happy to be out in the sun.

R0011015_post R0011020_post R0011023_post

And I couldn’t have a Cologne related blog without a photo or two of the infamous locks….

R0011034_post R0011040_post

R0011021_post (690 x 457)


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