The main reason I wanted to go to Bonn was to see the famous cherry blossoms. That, and everyone I ask says its a really nice little place. The official ‘Kirschblüte’ festival was last weekend so I thought I’d better be quick before everything turns green. The walk to the main station in Cologne took me past a fountain.


Today was Good Friday which meant the streets were relatively quiet. That didn’t bother me as it gave a nice atmosphere to some of the scenes.

R0010828_post R0010830_post R0010841_post

I headed over to Heerstraße where the cherry blossom festival was focussed only to be let down by towering green trees. I was too late. The optimist in me ignored this and went to work snapping away at deceased pink flowers. Cue the first colour shots on this blog…

R0010849_post R0010850_post R0010853_post R0010856_post

I decided to head for the Rhein to see how Bonn does a promenade. Of course I got a bit distracted on the way by some random stuff.

R0010862_post R0010873_post R0010872_post R0010864_post

The riverside reminded me of Dusseldorf but on a smaller scale, with their clipped trees. By this point I’d been rained on three times in between bright warm sunshine and gusty winds. I wasn’t complaining as it made for some interesting skies as a backdrop.

R0010883_post R0010895_post R0010896_post

I had one more walk around the centre before catching a train back home. A few more things caught my eye and then it was farewell to Bonn. It was a nice afternoon and I’d definitely like to go back when everything is open and the city is a little more lively.

R0010917_post R0010918_post R0010927_post R0010928_post

Ironically I think my favourite shot from today was of the fountain in Cologne. Oh well!



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