Belgisches Viertel / Belgian Quarter


Spring is most definitely in full swing as I’m walking through Mediapark on the way to the Belgisches Viertel, a small area in Cologne known for its cool bars and shops. I liked the contrast between the blooming trees and the dark grey suits as I caught up with these two businessmen on their lunch. I didn’t feel myself today and the photo finding eyes weren’t functioning to full capacity. As is common with me I am always drawn to interesting graffiti and weird stuff on the street. This building looks pretty derelict but there’s actually a really stylish salon inside.

2 3 4 5

These arrows seem to protrude right from this guy’s chest, bit like that scene in Donnie Darko. At the centre of the Viertel is a church surrounded by cafes and bars. It’s a gathering place for revellers in the summer evenings, and in the daytime its a general hub for people of all kinds. This place is great for people watching.

67 8

A few more non-specific scenes that caught my eye:

10 11 12

Later I was walking under some scaffolding and as I was emerging I looked up at the safety netting blowing gently in the breeze and snap…


If I hadn’t told you, would you have known what it was? Lastly, my favourite from today. Happy Monday.





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