Sudstadt / Cologne South

I love Mondays. As the rest of the world drags themselves out of bed in preparation for five more days of grind, I’m sleeping a little longer, taking coffee in bed and most likely watching something food related on youtube. Its generally the day that I get to myself, to do whatever I want. That means heading out with the camera. After the caffeine had done its job I took the U-bahn to Sudstadt (south city). Generally considered quite a cool area of Köln with hipsters bars, modern burger joints and plenty of activity on the streets, I was pretty disappointed to see that after three weeks of great weather all my days off had brought me was grey skies and drizzle. With empty parks and monotonous skies, puddles proved to be the only source of amusement.

R0010603_post R0010601_post

I carried on regardless and came across a college and a flock of students that were presumably late for class, and a Rhein Energie building with spooky windows.

R0010606_post R0010608_post

The Sudstadt consists of a muddled network of cobbled streets lined with independent grocers, bakers and butchers. It was nice to see none of the chains that are ubiquitous in the Innenstadt.

R0010614_post R0010617_post

Then as if by magic the sun burst through the grey blanket above and breathed new life onto the streets. The mundane became alluring, at least for my eyes. Some people must think I’m pretty weird I guess.

R0010619_post R0010622_post R0010629_post R0010637_post

The Sudstadt is full of surprises awaiting people with an urge to explore. I found this great little cafe called Dehly & DeSander, easily missed given that its no wider than a car. As a lot of street photographers will tell you we do this half out of passion and half as an excuse to drink a lot of coffee.

R0010638_post R0010644_post

I’m not sure yet why I like this last image so much but there’s something about the composition that speaks to me, an international icon on a drainpipe next to a newly budding flower only half in focus….Definitely going to let this one marinate.



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