Experiments with 35mm / Köln innenstadt

I’ve been having fun recently playing with my grandad’s old Pentax Super A. Using film makes you value each shot a lot more than with a digital camera. When I shoot digital I often find myself taking a shot that I know isn’t really all that special but I just say to myself ‘maybe it will turn out’. The truth is that no amount of post processing can turn a bad shot into a good one. Maybe you can turn a bad shot into an average one, but learning what to put in your frame before you press the shutter is a valuable lesson to learn. Especially considering the cost of film development! I think learning to shoot well on film will definitely help my digital shooting but hey, time will tell. I shot a roll a couple of weeks ago when we had some uncharacteristically great weather in the city. Super low light and long shadows. When I got the photos back I was mildly disappointed, I still need to learn the camera a little more to figure out when its going to overexpose, trial and error. However with some minor processing I was able to develop a few shots that I felt were worthy of the blog.

C004432-R1-07-8_post C004432-R1-09-10_post C004432-R1-12-13_post C004432-R1-15-16_post C004432-R1-17-18_post C004432-R1-19-20_post C004432-R1-21-22_post C004432-R1-23-24_post C004432-R1-29-30_post C004432-R1-31-32_post

The weekend left me longing for summer.


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