Life after karneval

Five days of the year the city of Köln pretty much grinds to a halt as residents and visitors dress up in funny costumes and drink their body weight in alcohol. I’m sure there’s a good reason why, but most people I ask either don’t know or can’t remember it. I managed to escape to Hamburg for the most part but the day after the carnage ended I thought I’d take a walk into the city centre and see what had been left behind in the wake of the party.R0010491_post R0010494_post R0010495_post R0010496_post

I can’t help but feel for the guys who are responsible for the clean up! There wasn’t a single bin I saw yesterday that wasn’t completely overflowing with matter. I suppose for the people that enjoy the festival its all worth it. I personally use the event as an excuse to get away for a few days.

R0010489_post R0010500_post R0010497_post R0010501_post R0010502_post R0010505_post

Some people still don’t want the party to end….



3 thoughts on “Life after karneval

  1. Haha… guess you came back one day after Rosenmontag… Of course there is still a lot of mess. You are absolutely right: It’s all worth it. I was born in this crazy town and if you like I can tell you the backgrounds.

    • Actually I came back on Rosenmontag but I went out the day after. It was purely an observational post, not a critique! I’d love to know more, very kind of you to offer.

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