Four hours in Düsseldorf

Just under an hour from Köln lies Düsseldorf. A 20% chance of rain and sunny skies was enough to get me on the train with a day ticket in hand. Having no prior knowledge of Düsseldorf my only plan was to walk around with google maps in one hand, and a camera in the other and see where the lens would take me. I found myself half of the time following the map’s helpful suggestions and the other half getting totally lost darting after nice little pockets of low winter light breaking through the architecture. I stood here for 15 minutes holding the camera level because I thought that if someone were to walk across it might make for an interesting shot…R0010163_post R0010165_post

One thing I should mention that is having an affect on the way I take my photos right now is German law. It is illegal for me to post any images of people’s faces where they could be easily identified. The way I interpret this is that if I’m shooting a scene and someone walks into it, given that they’re not the subject of the photo and if the face isn’t in clear view, I think its OK. Sometimes I purposefully wait for someone interesting to walk into the shot because they add to it. When this happens and a person then becomes a subject in a photo, I’d rather not have it on the site without getting their permission first. I’m yet to summon the confidence to cross this bridge in a second language, but when I do, expect more people shots! R0010088_post R0010118_post R0010122_post R0010135_post R0010152_post R0010167_post R0010168_post R0010183_post R0010186_post R0010191_post R0010197_post R0010200_post

Thank you for a lovely afternoon Düsseldorf, I’ll be back.


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